International Journal of Scientific Research and Sustainable Development
IJSRSD is an international arbitrated research journal with International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2537-0715 ,Online ISSN 2535-163X.

The journal is published by the Arab Union for Sustainable Development and Environment. Which is an international organization that resides Egypt as its main headquarter as per headquarter agreement with The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs(

In order to achieve the union and the journal’s goals in spreading and generalizing the scientific research in the Arab world serving the joint Arab work and the expansion in spreading the scientific culture and developing scientific fields with the latest scientific discoveries in the Arabian and international world. Since the goals that the union was established to serve were to act as a house of experience and Arab consultancy in all scientific, environmental, commercial, economical and legal aspects related to sustainable development and the factors affecting it. The union also participates in establishing academic and educational institutions and research centers and consulting bodies in the field of sustainable development and environment in Arab countries. Moreover, it participates in conducting researches and studies in the mentioned fields, and it aims at issuing publications, journals, periodicals and scientific researches to raise the awareness and spread the sustainable development culture, environment and science.

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Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, 2024 

Original Article

Microbiological Study of Djir in Ouadaї and Batha States- Chad

Pages 47-67

Moussa Idriss Mahamat; Fatime Zara Hassaballah Mahamad; Gamar Mahamat Gamar